Legal Documents

Here is a collection of legal documents that pertain to the neighborhood and the neighborhood association.  We have attempted to ensure that these are the most recent versions in effect, but please verify before taking any legal action based on the contents of these documents.

Woodlands Homeowners Association By-Laws – These cover the types of membership, the responsibilities and structure of the Board of Directors, and the association fees.

Woodlands Homeowners Association Certificate of Amendment (11/28/1979) – This Certificate of Amendment lays the foundation for our current set of By-Laws, and is a small piece of Woodlands history.

Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions – This the original legal document from 1972, covering the legal definition of the neighborhood, the lots, and the common facilities we share.  It also outlines certain homeowner rights and responsibilities as well as certain duties and powers of the homeowners’ association.  It’s the legal foundation for the By-Laws, and, as a document, an interesting piece of Woodlands history.

Clubhouse Manager Position Description – This document has been updated to describe the duties and responsibilities of the clubhouse manager(s).

Here are the plat restrictions for each section of the neighborhood.

Briar Creek Section 1

Briar Creek Section 2

Woodlands Section 1

Woodlands Section 2

Woodlands Section 3

Woodlands Section 4

To find out which section a particular lot is in, you can consult the following maps that show the house numbers on each street in each section.

Briar Creek Section 1

Briar Creek Section 2

Woodlands Section 1

Woodlands Sections 2, 3 and 4

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The Woodlands, Carmel, IN
The Woodlands, Carmel, IN
Thursday - Saturday, June 6-8th
Woodlands' Neighborhood Garage Sale !!!

Time to sell all those things that have been knocking around the house taking up space and contributing to clutter and claustrophobia!

This year is sure to draw a crowd so bring out your clothes, furniture, toys, tools, games, electronics, vehicles, utensils and anything else you think you can sell to treasure hunters. Who knows, perhaps this is the year you’ll finally have the chance to buy your neighbor’s grill off of them 😉

How do I participate? – Gather the items you wish to sell, assemble them in your garage/driveway/yard, tie a few balloons to your mailbox or put out a sign and voila! You’re open for business!
How to people know I’m participating? – All those participating in the sale should tie balloons to their mailbox or put a sign out so the shoppers know you’re in business!
Do I have to participate every day of the sale? – No, you can sell for as many days as you like. Just remember to take down your balloons or signage when you’re finished participating in the sale. Thank you.