Tennis Information

The Woodlands Homeowners Association features two beautiful tennis courts that are free for use by Association members anytime except during scheduled tennis lessons and special events like tournaments.

Tennis Lessons

For more information on tennis lessons, please contact the Tennis Director Christie Mora at

Tennis Court Rules

WHA TENNIS COURT RULES: The courts are not to be used for any activity other than tennis.  Please wear white-soled shoes.  Black-soled shoes and Rollerblades (and other skates) are prohibited on the courts.  Additional rules:

  1. Member of Woodlands Club and their guests only.
  2. Reserving of Courts: Courts may be reserved for two hours. You must use the posted sign-up sheets. On weekends, sign-ups are limited to 2 two-hour time periods. A court may not be reserved in multiples by signing different names pertaining to the same group.
  3. Adult Playing Times: After 5:00pm on weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday, the courts are reserved for adult play. Should a court be open for play, children under 16 are welcome to play, but must relinquish the court at an adult player’s request. Under 16 youths may not sign-up for evening or weekend play in advance. Adults are encouraged to reserve courts to insure playing time.
  4. Late Shows: If a player with a reservation is more than 10 minutes late and another match has been started on the court, the person with the original reservation shall be deemed to have forfeited his right to its use.
  5. Court Maintenance and Housekeeping: Tennis shoes only are allowed on the court. Pets, small children, bicycles, basketballs, skateboards, roller skates, etc., will not be allowed on the courts. Spilled drinks and debris should be cleaned up by the responsible member. Please pick up all trash, i.e. tennis cans, lids, and other waste items and deposit in the appropriate container. Please be sure umbrella and gate is closed upon leaving.
  6. Special Events: The Board of Directors, through the tennis activities committee, reserves the right to preempt the use of the courts for tournaments, exhibition matches, group instruction leagues, etc.

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