Here is a collection of useful links related to local government, homeowner associations, and community.

City of Carmel
The City of Carmel – Everything about city government, events in town, etc.

Carmel Clay Public Library – An unbelievably good library for a city this size.

Current weather in Carmel – Courtesy of the Weather Channel website.

Carmel From Space – What web site is complete these days without linking to our own satellite picture?  Look up and smile!

Who’s Your Legislator? – The starting point for government is your own vote and your own input to the people who represent you in government.  The Indiana Secretary of State has a page to find your elected officials.

Indiana State Goverment – The official site, with lots of interesting information on our state.

Current In Carmel – This free weekly paper debuted in Fall 2006, with the goal of improving Carmel community coverage.

Neighboring Neighborhood Associations
Woodland Springs – Our swimming rivals to the north (and they have a comprehensive web site too).

The Woods – To the west.

Williamson Run – To the south.

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The Woodlands, Carmel, IN
The Woodlands, Carmel, IN
Pool is opening today 10:30am! Pool patrons need a waiver. Woodlands HOA members only need to bring 1 waiver per household — guests will need one every time (signed by an adult). We are asking Woodlands HOA members to please give our guards and pool staff a chance to get used to their extra duties before bringing guests on June 14. Need a waiver? Go to our website under Pool Information or Read more below: