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Thank you to everyone who cooperated and helped remove the watercraft, equipment, and overgrown brush from the dam! A special thanks to BSA Troop 132 Eagle Project that helped facilitate our compliance with the latest Dam Safety Inspection Report.

Summary:Although the dam appears to receive some maintenance such as mowing, the level of maintenance of the dam needs significant improvement. In addition, significant rehabilitation of the dam is needed to address surficial deficiencies and apparent lack of spillway capacity. Monitoring, maintenance, repairs, engineering analyses, and improvements are required to achieve an overall “Satisfactory” rating and improve the safety and performance of the dam. The risk of Type 1 and Type 2 dam failure is considered low to medium.” 

The component ratings, overall conditions rating, and recommendations to achieve a “Satisfactory” rating are summarized in the table page iv of the report. Click here to read the full report:

To see the map of the Woodlands property boundaries, click here:

If you are a Woodlands resident and have a boat, the Board is working on building approved boat storage near the lake that meets the IDNR specifications. This project will not be completed until 2020. 

If questions, please contact the Clubhouse Manager or the Grounds Director

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The Woodlands, Carmel, IN
The Woodlands, Carmel, IN
Pool is opening today 10:30am! Pool patrons need a waiver. Woodlands HOA members only need to bring 1 waiver per household — guests will need one every time (signed by an adult). We are asking Woodlands HOA members to please give our guards and pool staff a chance to get used to their extra duties before bringing guests on June 14. Need a waiver? Go to our website under Pool Information or Read more below: