Help for Senior Citizens

From the City of Carmel:  If there are any seniors who need help digging snow out of driveways or sidewalks, they should use the non-emergency dispatch number, 571-2580, and volunteers will be called to help. We want to make sure our seniors are taken care of during this severe weather, so if please check on your senior neighbors and make sure they have heat, food and any medications necessary. Please report any needs to dispatch at 571-2580 and they will call the volunteers to help.

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The Woodlands, Carmel, IN
The Woodlands, Carmel, IN2 days ago
Dust off your secret recipes and pull out your spices! This year's chili competition will be hot! 🌢🌢 You must belong to the Woodlands HOA to participate as a contestant in the chili cook-off. 🌢🌢 WHA guests WELCOME to eat chili πŸ˜ƒ and have fun at the Street Fest where you'll find amongst other things:
Live Music by #causeandeffect
Face Painting
Petting Zoo
Pony Rides
Raffle Prizes
and so much more πŸ™‚ See you Oct. 6th!

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