Here is a collection of useful links related to local government, homeowner associations, and community.

City of Carmel

The City of Carmel - Everything about city government, events in town, etc.

Carmel Clay Public Library - An unbelievably good library for a city this size.

Current weather in Carmel - Courtesy of the Weather Channel website.

Carmel From Space - What web site is complete these days without linking to our own satellite picture?  Look up and smile!

Who's Your Legislator? - The starting point for government is your own vote and your own input to the people who represent you in government.  The Access Indiana web site makes it easy to find out the name and contact information for your representatives at all levels of government, from local to national.

Indiana State Goverment - The official site, with lots of interesting information on our state.

Carmel Star - The Indianapolis Star's special section devoted to all things Carmel.

Hamilton County Star - A small free weekly-ish paper distributed in several Hamilton County communities.  This was formerly known as "Carmel Topics" but is now directly under the Indianapolis Star.

Current In Carmel - This free weekly paper debuted in Fall 2006, with the goal of improving Carmel community coverage.

Neighboring Neighborhood Associations

Woodland Springs - Our swimming rivals to the north (and they have a comprehensive web site too).

The Woods - To the west.

Williamson Run - To the south.



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