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This page is intended for use by the site administrator, but feel free to try out the alternative site templates on the side for a different "look and feel".


This site is hosted on a Linux server and powered by an open-source content management system (CMS) called Joomla, which branched off from another popular CMS called Mambo.  The CMS (mostly) separates "content" from "presentation", which makes it possible to change the way the site looks while keeping the same information available. To try out a different look for this site, use the template selector on the menu to the left.  The site administrator has uploaded a few to try out, and there are many more available for Joomla -powered sites at places like Joomla Hut and Joomla 24.


There are no site logins available for anybody except the site administrator.   If you have suggestions for the site administrator, use the Contact The WHA page to send a note.


To log in directly to the site to update articles, put in Username and Password in the login box in the menu to the left.  (Again, this is only available to the site administrator).


To log in to the Joomla page to maintain the site's content, go to the administrator page.  You can also just login on the menu to the left, and it makes all the pages editable, but that can be kind of clunky.


We will try to make these pages interoperable with all browsers, with nice things like strict xhtml 1.0 transitional validation and a cascading style sheet that isn't terrible. But it's not looking good so far.  The site looks better in Firefox than in Internet Explorer.


Are you still reading after all that technical stuff?  Then perhaps you're interested enough to help with maintenance of the web site or in some other capacity with the Woodlands Homeowners Association!  Contact any member of the Board for more information, or send a message through the Contact The  WHA page.

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